Adidas Design Academy
The Adidas Design Academy is a  trainee program headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. One three to four month rotation in the 24-month program is completed abroad at one of Adidas' creation centres in Shanghai, Tokyo or Portland. Amongst a select few, I was tasked to create artworks responding to the themes of music, pattern and juxtaposition supporting the second round of the application process. I was soon asked to give a presentation at Adidas in Germany, which concluded as the final round. Below is my submission artwork that I created and presented to the creative team and directors.

Task 1: Music

Mantra is a recently released track from Noisia, but follows within the confines of their traditional style. This consists of naturally sampled sounds from the environment  and incredibly high bpm rates, all of which are self contained to a precisely composed track. Throughout this piece, I focused on the elemental artefacts of water and geometry, fusing a cohesion of energy to reflect these aspects of Noisia’s music style.

Task 2: Pattern

Responding to movement, I created a blood cell like shape that I repeated to form x’s. It relates to the pumping blood through our veins when our body is at its maximum velocity, whilst also doubling as a familiar appearance to that of the Adidas primeknit material. 

Task 3: Juxtaposition

Following my passion in the Tubular series, I created a traditional Blade Runner-esque poster, combining cyber/steam punk with contemporary sports fashion. Encompassing stylistic influences from the classic Blade Runner movie directed by, Ridley Scott.
Designer / Chris Edwards
Project Type / Competition 
Creative Fields / Print Design, Digital Illustration, Photo Manipulation
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