Divert is a collaborative project in which, we investigate a fictitious snowboarding brand that is set within in an international climate for a millennial audience aged 18-30. Its quintessential goal is to challenge the pre-existing consensus of the global snowboarding climate. Thus, promoting an open minded attitude with an emphasis on self-expression. 

Drawing inspiration from natural elements of the geographical setting, colour, type and image played a significant role in the overall narrative and key brand messaging. Meanwhile, an impressionable logotype remains indicative of these reality's, and their various possibilities. It was essential that whilst the atmosphere of this project resides within extreme sports, that it should also have an intimate connection with the brand's natural and holistically grounded roots. ​​​​​​​

Design / Direction: Chris Edwards + Ben Mottershead
Disciplines: Branding, Art Direction, Advertising
Project Type: Collaborative
Year: 2019