HUPHUPHUP is an exhibition that celebrates the passion of cycling fans. In commemoration of this, 
10 leading designers, artists & personalities were asked to create a one-off flag. Our role in this was to conceptualise, and develop a kinetic logotype that responds within a digital situation. 

Our rationale was to look more closely at how the flag can translate meaning. What relationship does the flag have with the culture of the event? From two entirely different backgrounds, art and cycling require harmony; we can find this within people. The flag can be a key indicator to signify conversation, individuality and experiences. Therefore, drawing from the human element of the exhibition to invoke experiential value.

Below is a series of discontinued animations that were created to accompany our proposal for the project.
We looked at uniting the physics of moving pedals and flags to execute this concept within a kinetic situation. 

Design / Direction: Chris Edwards + Ben Mottershead
Disciplines: Branding, Animation, Creative Direction
Project Type: Client Proposal
Year: 2019